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Real Estate Agent

If you are a Real Estate Agent, you must register as a Real Estate Agent before buying a «À la carte» Plan or a Fixed Plan.

Automatic Transfer of your MLS Listings

Automatic update of your listings

The «À la carte» Plan offers you to buy credits for posting automatically your listings on the site.

This Plan is perfect if you have fewer and undetermined listings from month to month.

You can buy credit whenever you want or upgrade to a more suitable fixed annual plan.

Your credits will never expires

One credit = One listing for a month

Evaluation of credit needs

A la carte
2.50 $ / credit

Automatic Transfer of your MLS Listings

Automatic update of your listings

The Fixed Plans let you post a fixed number of properties simultaneously*.

You only have one fixe fee per year.

You can change to another fixe plan at any moment or buy «à la carte» plan credits if needed.

Plan 10
300,00 $ / year
10 listings anytime
Plan 25
500,00 $ / year
25 listings anytime
Plan 50
750,00 $ / year
50 listings anytime
Plan 100
1 500,00 $ / year
100 listings anytime
Plan 500
7 500,00 $ / year
500 listings anytime
Plan 1000
15 000,00 $ / year
1,000 listings anytime

More than 1000 listings, please contact us.

* Some condition may apply

The maximum listing is determined by the chosen plan.

If the number of listing is higher than the number of listing included in the plan, the listings surpassing the maximum will not be published. A message will be sent to informed the user of the situation and a 30 days grace period will be offer to settle the account.

If after the 30 days grace period, the number of listing is still greater than the maximum, the plan has to be upgraded or transformed in an «À la carte» plan in the next 30 days or the account might be suspended or canceled without any sort of refund and without any prejudice

After 30 days following the grace period, none of the member listings will be published on the and this for another 30 day period. If no upgrade actions or plan changed is taken by the member, the account will be canceled without any possibility to reactivate the account, without any refund of any kind and without any prejudice.

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